iPod, CCNA & Fashion Ability

I couldn\’t come up with a good title so I just mashed-up the 3 main topics I\’m going to discuss.

First of all, iPod. I don\’t own an iPod but my friend encountered a problem. The iPod suddenly decided not to communicate with Windows. I tried to troubleshoot the problem and looked up several forums but every information I got didn\’t fix the iPod. It won\’t show up and it is not detected by iPod updater. So, I told my friend to go to the nearest Apple Center in order to claim warranty for the defective iPod since it is still covered by warranty. Lucky!

Next, CCNA review. Hmmm… I\’m sacrificing a fraction of my weekend for the review for Cisco certification and it\’s going pretty well. However, I am thinking if I would take the exam as soon as the review is over. Having a weekly review doesn\’t seem to be enough because during weekdays what occupies my mind is all about SAP, Unix and business. Whatever happens to my CCNA exam, and whatever is the result, I\’m not yet sure if that will be a turning point of my career.

\"FashionThen, Fashion Ability. It\’s an Animax fashion show, complete with real ramp models and cat walks held at Ayala activity center last Saturday, inspired by Paradise Kiss anime. I didn\’t know how would the models and designs look like but I still waited quite long just to watch the fashion show. I was impressed by the designs, specially the 1st, 2nd to the last and the last entry. It\’s a pity that I didn\’t take pictures of the fashion show. My phone camera can\’t zoom far enough and clear enough to capture a decent shot. I stood more than 2 hours starring at nothing just to watch this fashion show. After the ramp modelling, I already left even if the fashion show is not yet over because it was too late already… and I was already hungry.

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