I got my first job. I think it suits my desire to learn SAP R/3 and its related technologies. I will start my job as a regular employee (yup, no probation period) effectively on September 1, 2006. :) So, the \”salary discussion\” interview I was expecting was not a salary discussion at all. It\’s already a job offer. I consider myself lucky because I was recruited after only one (1) interview. Some people get 2 – 3 interviews and does not get any job offer in the end. I won\’t discuss any details how I got an offer, blah blah and so on and so forth. You know, everything else is confidential. I will start my first job immediately on the 1st of September, right after my graduation march on the 31st of August. Sounds fun. Carpediem!

  • ApRiL

    naks! congratz and godbless sa iyong work!!

  • MV

    Thank you. ^_^ you’ll start your work soon, too, right?

  • maiah

    Congrats!! ^^
    Gud luck and GOd bless! :)

  • maiah

    well sept 1 is friday… that’s odd.
    hehehe ^^

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