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\"InternetMicrosoft released Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview yesterday. I have tested IE7 Beta 1 in my laptop but I uninstalled it after several weeks. I\’m testing Beta 2 Preview in my laptop again and based on my previous experience with IE7 Beta 1, I would say that Beta 2 Preview has a feel of Firefox and Opera combined. This is not the true Beta 2 yet hence Beta 2 PREVIEW. I\’m looking forward to what IE 7 Beta 2 will be.

I\’m fond of IE 7 tabs. It\’s cool because every tab has its own close button but you can only access the close button of the active tab if you hover on the right tab corner long enough. Since the active tab only has a close button you can\’t close the inactive tab by accident. It\’s very clever. I wish Opera had done their tab close button this way. The quick tab feature is also neatly done, and very innovative IMHO. It was not ripped off from Opera or Firefox. The adopted RSS icon from Mozilla is also included in this Beta 2 Preview.


When you download IE 7 Beta 2 Preview and installed in your PC it will validate for a genuine copy of Windows (aka Windows Genuine Advantage). It will replace IE 6 so this Beta is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately you can uninstall this Beta if you want IE 6 back. Also, you should close your antivirus and anti-spyware softwares before installing IE 7 Beta 2 Preview. Most of them will interfere in the installation process which will prevent proper installation of IE 7.

There is a work around on using IE 7 without installing it though. Check out the comments in this Digg story about IE 7 work around. To keep it simple just download IE 7 Beta 2 preview, decompress and extract the .exe file in a folder, delete shlwap.dll and create a new text file IEXPLORE.exe.local in the same directory. Run iexplorer.exe and you should be able to run IE 7 without replacing IE 6. A final caveat: the advanced options won\’t work and if you have firewall or anti-spyware softwares installed you\’ll get wierd error messages and warnings. In fact it\’s not recommended that you run IE 7 without a proper install.

For more information about Internet Explorer 7 take a tour in the official website of Internet Explorer 7.

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