I\’m not sick of spooky costumes, decorations or whatever, I\’m just sick — as in ILL.

Last Sunday, I felt that my body was aching so much like I was battered or something to that effect. I was still able to watch a movie and eat Whooper at Burger King, but the next day, I suddenly felt feverish. I could not withstand the coldness in our office anymore even if I am wearing 3 layers of clothes. I tried to stay back but I could not tolerate my shivering anymore. I decided to go back home after lunch.

It seems that I have flu — symptoms include fever, combined with colds, headache and sore throat. I don\’t mind most of these except sore throat because I could not easily recover from sore throat. Most of the times, it will develop to tonsillitis which is even more problematic. As a child,¬†tonsillitis¬†was my common illness.

Good thing, it was Ramadan last Tuesday and was a public holiday so I was able to rest the entire day. With the help of medicines, I was able to recover soon. I went to office from Wednesday to Friday with slight fever and colds. It\’s not fun but I needed to work since I don\’t believe that I could get any better lying in bed.

If I could have just taken multivitamins more often, I\’m probably more resistant to flu and other common virus. Well, lesson learned. I should not let stress and fatigue get the best of my work and life. Sa panahon ngayon, bawal ang magkasakit.

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