Haiku and California Pizza Kitchen

\"CPK\"I normally do not eat in a fine dining restaurant but my preference on dining changed a bit when I started earning money out of my own effort. Before I got a job I won\’t even dare entering these kind of restaurants. Now, I could occasionally eat good food since I could afford my own expenses. Of course, I do not go to these restaurants too often. Going once or twice a week is enough. Sometimes, I even think that going to expensive restaurant twice a week is a little bit excessive and impractical since a decent meal from a fast food restaurant would suffice. However, it has become part of my routine already. During Fridays, my officemates would eat outside; within the vicinity of Makati CBD. I like their company so I go with them. Our lunch would take longer than usual. It\’s a common practice ever since.

Recently, one of our boss from the upper management in Belgium visited Philippines. He\’s our direct boss; the counterpart of our department manager in the Philippines to Belgium. To welcome his presence, our team leader and people manager organized a big dinner in Haiku at Greenbelt 3. I didn\’t know the menu but it\’s very Japanese. I ordered the famous Katsudon (breaded pork). I wanted to try how their Katsudon compares to other Japanese restaurant. Then, I ordered Four Seasons drink. After several minutes, the meals were served. Their Katsudon was okay but I really don\’t think it\’s better than Tokyo Tokyo. I actually preferred Toyko Tokyo\’s Katsudon because it is crispier. Haiku\’s Katsudon was more tender and is comparable to authentic Japanese Katsudon. Our Belgian boss enjoyed the food and I think he realized that we were all eating Japanese foods; not Philippine foods. And so, we dared him try some exotic Pinoy food — Balot and Penoy. We couldn\’t really persuade him because he insisted that we would only eat Balot, if and only if, all members of our team eat Balot. To me, it\’s not a problem at all but to so some people, it\’s almost a Fear Factor challenge.

Then, I tried California Pizza Kitchen to eat some pasta. At first, I would like to try their pizzas but due to time constrain, I chose pasta. I suspected that pizzas would take some time to prepare so I just took Chicken Kung Pao Spaghetti instead. It\’s a hot and spicy oriental spaghetti. It was truly one of the best pasta I have tasted recently. I think I have to try more of their pasta to evaluate how good CPK really is. :) My only complain is the slow service of CPK. Well, what do you expect. They are not a fast food chain anyway. They took more than 25 minutes to prepare the pasta and it\’s not even a \”full\” dish. I only ordered \”half\” dish. Is it really normal to wait that long if you ordered in a fine dining restaurant?

California Pizza Kitchen

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.