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I didn\’t know Gmail\’s delete button is one of the most coveted missing feature. It made headlines when Gmail added it live and featured in \”What\’s New\” section of Gmail. Many users rejoiced now that they can immediately delete an email right from the inbox in just one click, reducing two clicks away from the dropdown listbox and move to trash option.

I really don\’t use delete or move to trash feature of Gmail that much. I rarely find reason to delete e-mails in Gmail because of its big storage. Somehow many people still don\’t welcome trash or nonsensical e-mails inside their archive so they continuously delete e-mails every now and then. It really depends on how you manage your stuffs. To some people, the lack of \”delete\” button in Gmail right from the start is a puzzle.

I find it really amusing that even this little feature makes news… and now I\’m blogging about it. LOL. :P

ZDNET Googling Google: Delete your Gmail, one click [ via Digg ] Gmail includes Delete button, users rejoice
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