I always thought that crop circles are fake. They are created by humans — NOT aliens!

A team of Firefox fans made a good example on how crop circles are made. From planning to execution, the Firefox Crop Circle team even spent a great deal of time documenting the process on creating the crop circle just like any good open source project.

And the result is awesome…


It\’s actually my first time reading about the process of creating crop circle and I\’m not surprised that it needs a lot of teamwork to complete.

For the complete details of the Firefox Crop Circle project, click here.

  • maiah

    I think aliens are like firefox dominating our world.
    It’s some kind of a warning!!! Waaaaaa
    Hhehehehe joke.

  • MV

    Haha! I like that. The envasion has begun.

  • gLenn

    I never believed crop circles ever since. But props for the people who does that, they say it’s like a mathematical phenomenon or something because of the sacred geometry being applied to its dimensions (whatever that means..). Anyhow, that firefox crop circle is ingenious! Kulet ng nakaicp

  • Planned in under two weeks and completed in under 24 hours, the crop circle had a final diameter of 220 feet. “We constructed the circle in an oat field near Amity, Oregon, where it was completely invisible from the road but unmistakable from the sky. Our team consisted of 12 people, mainly OSU students, and we carefully stomped down oats from 3:30pm Friday afternoon until 2:30am, putting on the finishing touches between 7:30am and 11:00am Saturday, August 12″.

    Matt and John, Mozilla video interns, came up with the idea a few weeks beforehand. Fueled by the enthusiasm of Asa Dotzler at Mozilla, suddenly the crop circle was within reach. While at OSCON 2006 in Portland, the three of them ran into members of the OSLUG, and things really started to take shape. Comments: The account described by the Mozzilla- Firefox circle team quoted above, describes the labor of 12 people, working long hours and with the aid of daylight, thus producing a wonderful circle indeed. But never the less, a circle with all the same flaws, as most human made fakes exposed so far. And it is nonsense, that a large team/s of ‘artists’, with so much free/nonproductive time on thier hands, spend it destoying farmers crops at night all over England. The time and labor expended to create the Mozzilla circle, which is ‘simple’ in structure, would be overwhelming for three or four people to accomplish in just the hours between the traditional, dusk to dawn. The circles today are far too sophisticated and geometrically perfect and are increasingly so as time moves foreward. The earlier circles of yesteryear (1990, etc.) were simplistic in nature and easily made by one or two individuals and it was easy for skeptics to challenge their origins. Every circle that is truely phenomenal in structure and symbology, holds within it evidence of advanced capabilities, not possessed by any of our artists or governments. This is a widely known fact. In all of the ‘considered’ genuine circles so far, certain physical anomalies are evident, in the vegetation as well as the soil, not to forget that certain vortex like whirlpool/s of energy many experience while visiting a site. Also evident, is the geometric perfection of many, far beyond the capabilities, of even the most talented among us. I do not doubt that some have fooled many, but there are too many, too soon, too sophisticated for silly foolery here. Perhaps it is time for us to ponder the meaning of this ‘phenomenon’, in a more scientific manner. The evidence points clearly, to a projected beam of energy/s that is focused from above and used primarily during the night hours, presumedly so we can’t see the construction process. This time period seems to be vital for the crop circles appearence and perhaps tells us that, the earths position is an important factor, not to be overlooked. To which direction does the UK face during the night hours in summer?. Energy, such as light, microwave, etc., do travel in straight lines and most likely, so does the energy emitted from a device, capable of changing the molecular structure of plants and directing them in thier softened state, to precise measurements on the ground. Recently, news has come that a stone was found, deep in the poulation free wilds of New Mexico by a hunter, 17 miles west of Roswell and it displays a design, that was formed in the English countryside recently. Also of note here is the fact, that the stone has magnetic properties and is made of an unknown material adding to the mystery. I would suggest, that the reason the circles are becoming more distinct, symbolistic and depictive is because of an approaching event or events. And that other evidence out there points toward the Myan calendar and 2012, we can take that, or say its meaningless. But the fact remains, that the circles are becoming so defined and they are clearly indicating a purpose, nowadays. The ancient Celts also witnessed the circles I believe and did their best to make the circle sacred, even making thier homes in a circle and creating animal likenesses in the chaulk of Southern England, signaling back up; all in the awe of the magic circles of the gods, who perhaps ‘promised’ to return someday. KG

  • do your homework people

    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE REAL UNBIASED TRUTH OF CROP CIRCLES. yes, there are many fakes but the ones that ARE REAL have drastic differences and are scientifically proven to be a complete anomaly that is not made by man. do some research and you will know what i’m talking about. in a REAL crop circle, none of the plants are damaged (remaining completely harvestable) and are bent inches above the root (an impossible feat with boards and string). also the soil within the circle is bone dry while the soil outside is still moist and healthy. another oddity would be the measurable magnetic field with the formations perimeter. a higher vibration is calculated based on the complexity of the formation. video cameras and other electrical devices consistently malfunction when attempting to operate within the perimeter and must be used outside of the circle. in a FAKE crop circle most of the crop is damaged and unharvestable do to the sloppy nature of stomping on everything with boards and string. there are also many geometric flaws in fakes and although some are very impressive you must understand the drastic difference between real and fake. there is no in between. do your own research and see for yourself. highly evolved being are trying to communicate with us through crop circles and people are trying to destroy a genuine phenomena by convincing people that all crop circles are fake by demonstrating how they can be manmade. WAKE UP PEOPLE! not all crop circles are fake. know the difference between the two. BE SMART.

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