\"\"I was really embarrassed yesterday because my colleagues plotted a fake birthday celebration at Pizza Hut Bistro. It was already 1:00 PM and most of us were already hungry. We lined up at the 2nd floor of Insular Life building watching out for the next group of diners to come out. We only wished that more diners finish up their meals as soon as possible because it was getting late.

I couldn\’t believe that we waited more than 30 minutes outside and I had no idea why we have to eat in Pizza Hut anyway. Well, it\’s not really required but it was an opportunity to know more about my friends and co-workers. I shouldn\’t miss the chance to know them better. There were 16 of us in 4 tables. We ordered 6 pasta meals and 4 pizzas. The price was split equally among all of us.

It was very untimely that I wore my red t-shirt and so they teased me as the \’birthday boy\’ even though my real birthday had passed already. The amusing part was they were trying to convenience me to treat them all and most of them were kidding around that I really have to pay the bill. I insisted we go Dutch.

I didn\’t not know what went inside their minds and I really disliked the idea. They signaled to the waiters that it IS my birthday. The props were complete: birthday hats, singing choir of waiters and waitresses, and miniature \”cake\” with a candle. Just to watch the whole crew of Pizza Hut Bistro singing for me was crazy. I felt really awkward because I was pretending it was my birthday. I was embarrassed, touched and at the same time very amused.

I don\’t know what\’s going to happen on next Friday. Another fun weekend awaits!

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