If you are a blogger, you probably want to read your friends\’ entries and put some comments in their entries, or perhaps spy on their entries and see if they have some interesting topic. :D I tried to hop from one blog to another, but it is just very inconvenient. Visiting 10 – 15 blogs each day is quite troublesome. I try my best to blog-hop once in a while but I really can\’t visit all of my friends\’ blogs. Worse, I forget their blog address or I do not remember to use my bookmarks, especially when I have so many things occupying my mind. The only practical way to \”visit\” all of my friends\’ blog everyday is via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). I get an overview of what they have added in their blogs every time I open my favorite RSS reader or AJAX desktop / homepage.

Below is a screenshot of Netvibes. It\’s my prefered AJAX desktop / homepage because it is very easy to use and it has growing numbers of developers creating and updating modules each week. I have added my friends\’ blogs here so that anywhere I go as long as I have internet access, I can check their entries in one location. It\’s very convenient and gives me more presence in their blogs.


The idea is simple. You treat their blogs as \”news\” source. Using RSS, you can easily syndicate their entries and digest them like any other RSS entries.

Now it\’s more fun to read other people\’s blog. :)

If you are my friend and would like to update me with your latest blog address, please contact me immediately. Thanks!

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  • maiah

    WoOww! my blog site is there :)
    Is that the new interface of Netvibes? It’s just i’m not visiting mine anymore.
    I can see that a lot of controls were added.

  • MV

    Yup, it has tabs now and a lot more customizable than before.

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