What do you do when you have a very important dynamic website like a blog? Unlike static webpages in HTML, blog keeps on changing content as you insert more data in its database. If you run dynamic content, it\’s very critical that you backup frequently no matter how often your web host backup. After all you are responsible for your own files and databases. You\’re merely renting a web space. So, this is what you get when you don\’t backup frequently — Null. Zero. Nil. Nothing. Empty. And if you do backup, shit happens and they get corrupted sometimes… what a coinsidence. Dead website, R.I.P.

Frustrating, isn\’t it? It happens in real life.

I happened to save the posts of my friends\’ blog using cached webpages crawled by Google Bot. Amazing how you can use this technique to \”backup\” a blog bit by bit, piece by piece like a hundred-pieces puzzle. Good thing his blog was indexed relatively well by Google. Some Search engines like Yahoo and MSN indexed most of recent blog entries while Google indexed almost everything except the the most recent entries.

I couldn\’t blame anyone but myself when the server hardware failed. Who really expected that?! If only there\’s a realtime indicator of a harddisk\’s life that would have save our precious time and data. Oh dear God, help my friends to put up their dearest blogs online again . Help those people who have lost their backup, or those hwo didn\’t have a backup at all. Help them start a new phase. A new hope.

Sure thing, the only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty, and prevention is more effective than cure…

  • P4

    don’t blame yourself. There are situations that are beyond of our control. we didn’t pray for the failure of the system. Everything was just an accident.

    BTW, thanks for recovering my blog from the search engines. It will really help.

    I still prefer Filcode. :)

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