Windows Vista


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Microsoft has just posted their Press Release confirming that Windows: Codename Longhorn will be called Windows Vista. Microsoft has also launched their official \”Windows Vista\” web page here:

Also, announced on the page: \”Beta 1, targeted at developers and IT professionals, will be available by August 3rd 2005\”.

On the otherhand, many people really debated about the name Vista and its significance. Actually I also didn\’t like it at first but I\’m getting more used to it. Vista means \”sight\” or \”view\” in Spanish. I wonder if Microsoft wanted a big facelift to get Windows a new \”view\” and perspective about their OS. Beside some people started abbreviating it as WinVi.

Here\’s the reasoning:

  • Vi is the first two letters of Vista
  • Windows Vista is Windows NT 6.0. In Roman Numerals VI is the number six.

-Taken from

I\’m already itching to get a copy of Beta 1! :P Let\’s see how much it improved over the last significant update of Windows.

By Marck V.

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