TV 2.0, Bluray and HD-DVD

Don\’t you know there are six new ways to watch? has an article about TV 2.0 and it talks about the differences among internet TV, P2PTV, HDTV, IPTV, Streaming video and Cell phone TV. I\’m currently a big fan of P2PTV and streaming video but I didn\’t know their backgrounds. So if you don\’t know much about these technologies I recommend that you read the article. has compiled information about these technologies and discussed why these technologies really matter.

In relation to video, Tech News World reported that Samsung plans to market a player that will read both HD-DVD and Bluray discs! For the uninitiated, Sony, the leading backer of the Blu-ray high-definition DVD format, and Toshiba, the leading backer of rival HD-DVD, cannot agree which format should prevail. Samsung, on the other hand, announced that it will release a machine that would play both, adding pressure to other companies to do the same.

TV 2.0
Samsung Avoids Battle, Plans Dual-Format DVD Player

By Marck V.

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