I opened an account in The Spoke yesterday just to try it out. The first reason why I really don\’t like adopting hosted blogs is the limitation of its look and feel. It\’s hard to modify or it is not customizable at all. I still prefer customizing my own blog and writing anything under the sun in my very own domain name. The second reason is blogging in your own domain gives you some degree of authority in your own domain whereas you don\’t have that authority when you are just renting in a free hosted blog site.

I just didn\’t realize that most people there are Microsoft zealots, then I posted a news about Firefox 1.5 RC3 (similar to my previous entry here) … we\’ll guess what, The Spoke is probably not the best place to talk about non-Microsoft products but I don\’t give a damn. People shouldn\’t be close minded about these great softwares. That\’s all I can say for now.

Still, the Spoke is a great community to blog with. There are lots of bloggers and technology evangelists writing their own articles and opinions about the latest news and happenings in technology.


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