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\"SmartTaken from the website: Smart Wifi is the revolutionary high-speed broadband internet service of Smart, the leader in wireless innovation. Smart WiFi brings broadband internet into your home by using the nationwide cellular network of Smart to wirelessly connect your computer to the Internet! So now you can surf the Net at broadband speed even if you\’re beyond the reach of a phone line.

The service works by simply installing a Smart WiFi antenna at your home which is directed to the nearest Smart cellsite to give you the strongest connection signal possible. And once the antenna is cabled to your home computer, you\’re instantly connected and ready to chat, e-mail & surf up to 2x faster than the speed of dial-up!

For P788, it\’s ok.. but then having heard feedbacks from Meridian wireless internet I really doubt it is that smart. The signals are quite unstable from time to time. Meridian wireless internet happens to be an umbrella company of PLDT, and since PLDT owns Smart, there\’s no doubt Smart Wifi IS Meridian wireless internet. It\’s just a name change, but I cannot confirm whether this is a better version of Meridian wireless internet service. Judging from the feedbacks from some Meridian wireless internet users, if not unstable, this wifi service is going to have a bad reputation for its lack of good support. If my speculation is correct both Meridian and Smart Wifi is just in BETA phase. If not, why would there be so many problems? There are so many times that their radio signals went off for days, leaving the poor customer no option but to go back to 56k dialup until the service resumes. I heard so many version of these stories, and they are all real stories how unlucky some subscribers can be.

Well, I hope that for this repacked version, Smart wifi will address the common complains of Meridian users. Luckily I didn\’t choose Meridian wireless internet as PLDT MyDSL just got installed in our area when I\’m about to give up with DSL already. :)

Update 4/26/2006— I\’ve written an entry about SMART Bro, the new branding of Smart WiFi. If you want to comment about your concern please leave your comments there. I also appreciate if you stop spewing vulgar words. ^_^ This is my personal blog and I\’m not affiliated with Smart or PLDT at all. Thanks!

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Update: SMART WiFi Rebranded, SMART Bro
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