I had a chance to call in America for free thanks to VoIP. It\’s really cool and convenient.

\"SkypeI tested Skype with my friend Enye and the quality of the voice conversation was pretty good. We also tried the new \”call\” feature in Yahoo! Instant Messenger (YIM) and it really looks like a copy of Skype. What I really like about Skype is the candy-like interface… I don\’t know if I\’m the only one who thinks that their website is very candy-ish too. The yellow-green white combination makes it even more \”yummy\”. :D Anyway, regarding Skype\’s features, it\’s very intuitive and feels much like YIM, albeit the bubblegum effect. I have to try the conference feature yet… I will pull some people to test it as it might be very useful in guild wars tactics. I know hard core gamers who uses VoIP softwares to communicate in realtime. Ventrillo is very popular in counter strike community as well as in mmorpgs but the problem with Ventrillo is, you need a central server for it to work, unlike Skype which is decentralize, which is P2P instead. On the otherhand Skype\’s conference feature is limited to 4 + host… (which is 5?)

\"VoIPAnyway I was about to purchase credits for Skype when Moneybookers, the credit card gateway of Skype wants me to send scanned copy of my credit card\’s front and back and a document.. blah blah, I was really discouraged and searched for another VoIP service that is less hassle than Skype credit billing. Then I found VoIP Buster from Skype\’s forum. I was relieved when I found it. As a beta product and service, VoIP Buster allows beta users to call for free… but it has 1 minute limit to reserve capacity for their genuine testers. I have to buy just one Euro worth of credit to get unlimited free calls to any regular phones of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States! Isn\’t very cool! It\’s free to call in any of these countries! ^_^ Well, so much for Skype now… I think that they have to resctructure their rates to get very competitive. From what I see, telephony is getting much cheaper these days because of VoIP. Sweet!

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