Roundups for Yesterday…

  • I got my laptop back home, with a new motherboard! :) The technician told me that it is the root of all problems I was experiencing before. Good thing that my laptop service and repair is covered by 2 years warranty.
    In relation to my newly repaired laptop, I just discovered that it could actually play audio CDs even if the processing unit is off (no operating system). There\’s a special button just for that, which I normally just ignore, and I just learned how to use it when the technician showed a demo in front of me. Neat!
  • I did a big backup of my hard drive. For the record, I have downloaded more data than what I can store in my hard disk. It requires patience, time and a lot of DVD-/+Rs to back all the data up.
  • I called PLDT MyDSL customer service at 172-375 and I was surprised that my call was answered (Really! I thought that telephone line was always congested or unavailable)! My DSL suddenly dropped speed several days ago, and my neighbor also complained about it. The customer support representative have forwarded my concern to the technical support team stationed on their remote office… I\’m not sure how fast they can resolve the issue, andI don\’t have high hopes. I just wish they could restore the usual speed as soon as possible.
  • Neowin is having their 5th year anniversary and they have good prices for their contest specially for Neowin members. If you\’re a member, join now.
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