Robots Building Robots?!

This is scary yet very interesting in a certain way. Robotics advances as new technologies are introduced, and these advances make automation faster and more acurate. Now, for the first time, a robot could assemble itself using parts that float randomly in its environment. It could even correct itself when mistakes occur.

I have posted last week about the Law of Robotics. Let\’s hope that no crazy scientist will ever ignore these laws and start putting armaments to these self-assembling robots; otherwise, let\’s all prepair to be annihilated!

Source: MSNBC via [ Neowin ]

Btw, if you have cable TV, tune in to Ghost In The Shell, Stand Alone Complex: 2nd GIG in Animax. The Ghost In the Shell series inspired the making of the Matrix with all those robots used against humans in terrorism, very cool effects and interesting storyline. :)

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