Photograph Retouches

\'LOL\'I used to work as a part-time photograph studio editor and I\’m always fascinated how people want to change their looks and make it look better in pictures. I did several retouches on old photographs and some graduation pictures, getting rid of students\’ pimples, blemishes, white hairs and other whatnots. It\’s fun editing pictures in my old workplace but it\’s not easy faking pictures. It\’s quite disturbing that almost all techniques used in studios are also used in magazines and celebrity pictures.

I have here two flash websites showcasing the power of photograph retouching using Photoshop (other photo editors are welcome, but Photoshop is standard in most graphic studios anyway). Next time you check a magazine such as FHM, take note that they are filled with hot women that had been retouched by Photoshop. There might be an exception though.

The first website is Forsman & Bodenfors\’ Retouch project that was made for Sweden Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. It goes through all the details on how a photo of a 14-year-old girl was transformed into a retouched magazine cover. The final site can be found at

The second website is a portfolio of Glenn Feron that shows celebrities before and after photoshopped. Be warned that some \’before\’ pictures are freaky.

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