No More Dumb Questions

So, you\’re an internet person huh? You spend your time at least 2 hours chatting, sending instant messages and blogging… but you still ask around \”what\’s this\”, what\’s that and \”how do you do that… blah blah\” like a n00b — online. Then people ridicule your lameness and idiocy when you post your inquiries in public forums or chatroom. Guess what… isn\’t it very practical to use Google first before asking any dumb questions? Of course this does not apply to every situation specially when you want a guaranteed and straight-forward answer from a pro… but then… it wouldn\’t hurt to use any search engine to find out the answers yourself, specially when the subject you\’re asking about is not so technical. I\’m not insulting anybody here, am I? If I did insult someone, sorry. It\’s just a bit frustrating to answer questions online most specially in instant messengers (YM, MSN, ICQ), or even IRC for that matter, when the person asking already have the answers under his very own fingertips. Use the damn keyboard. Type your questions in Yahoo, Google or any of your prefered search engine and within minutes you\’ll have all the resources available in front of you (you have to be crafty in choosing the best keywords though). Surely, Google is your bestfriend when it comes to information gathering. You could even use it for homeworks — even a monkey can figure that out. :P



Credit for the Bart Simpson image I used — I picked it up somewhere but I don\’t know where it really came from, who created it and whatnots. Regardless, The Simpsons TM & 2005 T.C.F.F.C. All Rights Reserved.
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  • ApRiL

    oo nga! hahaha… nkuha mO!

  • GleNn

    there are two things i hate: 1) losing and 2) looking like an idiot! yeah, sure it’d really bug you when people ask too many dumb questions as if they were just born yesterday.

  • carl

    ako yata un ahahahaha… sorry po master!!!

  • MV

    x_X naku di po kayo yan… I did not write this for anyone. Ang totoo nyan, una ko nakita yung image ni Bart Simpson, kaya natuwa ako gumawa ng entry tungkol dun. Hehe. :P

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