My Top 10 Websites in 2005

The webmail that changed everything. I\’ve taken part of its early beta since May 2004 and it\’s still in beta until now. With new features coming every now and then, I couldn\’t be happier with Gmail even if it\’s still in beta stage. It changed the way I use email using threaded messages, labels, filters and a lot of storage. At this moment it\’s about 2.78 Gb and still counting! Who needs to delete emails nowadays. Both Yahoo and Hotmail followed the same trend and beefed up their webmails. What sets Gmail apart from other free email provider is the ease of use and extensive use of AJAX. It loads fast and kicks both Yahoo and Hotmail nearly out of the competition (they are catching up though).

This is my favorite place to get tech news and other interesting stuffs submitted by users. It combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control together. Popular stories are promoted to frontpage when more users digg them. Users can also bury the story by reporting it as spam, duplicate link, bad link, lame or old news.

This is my favorite AJAX desktop. I tried out Microsoft Live, Google homepage and Protopage but nothing beats Netvibes\’ functionality and ease of use. It has loads of great features like Todo list, webnote, online bookmarks and integration to Writely, Gmail and Flickr. I really like the way RSS feeds are displayed on each column and it\’s very easy to customize how each RSS feed block appears.

Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the downloads, web sites and shortcuts that actually save time. Don\’t live to geek; geek to live. I skim over all the entries posted in this site everyday just to find something new to make my life easier. I find most of their tips useful.

I\’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about social bookmarking and I didn\’t care about it until late September. When I finally registered in I really regret not using it earlier. The social bookmark phenomenon is amazing. You can discover many things from different people that scrape the internet for new links. I like discovering new bookmarks. It\’s yummy.

As a blogger, Technorati is my friend in boosting my traffic. Technorati is a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere — the world of weblogs. You can claim your blog and watch how many people link or refer to your blog entries. You can search Technorati using boolean strings and tags. What\’s more interesting is that all tags have RSS feeds so you can track any tags that interest you and scour anything that you can from them.

Tech.memeorandum is like a frontpage of a newspaper where it gives you the most important news and updates. In fact, it actually looks like an online newspaper. It also automatically updates every 5 minutes and uses a proprietary algorithm to decide what\’s important and relevant, ranging from news site to independent weblogs. I always take a look in Memeorandum\’s RSS feed to have a wider scope of news online.

Knowledge is power; Wiki is even more powerful. I\’ve used it for assignments and researches countless times.

\"MeasureMeasure Map (beta)
This statistic logger uses AJAX and Flash to display useful information about visitors, links and other helpful information to analyze my blog traffic. is an unlicensed anime fansub BitTorrent tracker. What more can I say?

… plus several invite-only BitTorrent trackers.

Gmail, Digg, Netvibes, Lifehacker,, Technorati, Memeorandum, Wikipedia, Measuremap

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.