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My Next Desktop will be AMD-powered

\'AMDDo you know why? Because AMD trashes Intel out of the competition in 64-bit dual-core processor match up. I\’ve been waiting for years that AMD surpasses Intel processors and now that it is a reality, I\’ll be more than happy to buy a new AMD-powered PC next year.

Whatever is the task, from day-to-day software applications to gaming, multitasking, photo editing and multimedia, AMD Athlon X2 is the winner. Intel is not even close. I\’m also convienced that AMD gives the best value for money even if the prize fight claimed Intel\’s Pentium D 820 as the best-valued processor.

To see how AMD knocked-out Intel, click the link below (courtesy of ZDNet Australia).

Dual-core desktop duel: AMD vs. Intel

By Marck V.

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