Although it wasn\’t my best performance this school term I managed to get a decent grade in CCNA. It\’s funny that my grades in CCNA are ascending. I think that I gave about the same effort in my previous Cisco courses. At least it shows that I have some progress. In CCNA 1, my grade was 82.6; CCNA 2, 87.3; and in CCNA 3, 90.6. I\’m still disappointed as I could have done much better, specially this term. I lost some points in the last module exam because I wasn\’t able to review it due to some circumstances. I also don\’t know my my custom score was quite low. I think I performed a little better than what is written on my custom grades. I couldn\’t care less now that I appreciate every point counts no matter how small it is. I feel bad because it seems that I was slacking too much. TOO MUCH.

  • ApRiL

    bawi ka na lng CCNA4.. kayang kaya mo yan!! hehe..

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