\'Duke\'I didn\’t know who Duke was… I just knew this afternoon when it was included in our Java final exam. Who really cares about him. It\’s not even included in our syllabus!

Duke\’s first appearance was on September 3, 1992 in a PDA-like device called Star7. He is the smart agent that assists user in its application. Later, Duke became Java\’s friendly mascot. (Friendly?)

It\’s a shame that I didn\’t know its name earlier… -_-;


  • ApRiL

    so DUKE was the answer… that was quite a funny question.. hahaha… windang!

    good thing galing ko manghula… hehe…

  • GleNn

    seriously, why include on the exams?

  • P4

    is it a requirement for certification or something?

    kung ganoon nga, bagsak na ako sa certification nyan! :lol:

  • MV


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