\"Windows®Yesterday, (November 20) Microsoft celebrated its 20th birthday. Twenty years after the initial release of Windows™ 1.0, we have witnessed how Windows transformed from one version to another.

My first encounter with Windows was Windows 95. I was able to play with computers running Windows™ 3.1 back in elementary school days and it was too dull to look at. Windows™ 95 improved a lot of Windows™ 3.1\’s shortcomings. Even though it is slow, it was intuitive (take note it was considered fast during those time)! It has the best support for softwares and games, which I really liked. I installed a lot of kiddie games in my ancient Pentium 1 machine. MS-DOS was still widely used in applications during those days and internet was just on its way. I bought my second PC with Windows™ 98 installed in it, and the GUI of Windows™ 98 is a lot better compared to Windows™ 95. It ships with so many bundled applications and default softwares like media player and internet browser. I was just building my interest in computing back then. I hated Windows™ 98 because it gave my PC a lot of problems. I started using utilities to clean up my PC but it was useless. Apparently, using Windows™ NT was not the best solution as I could not install my precious games in my PC, so I adopted Windows™ ME. And so Windows™ ME came…it was more like a curse than a blessing. It\’s the most bugged Windows ever after all. I was introduced to Linux after several months; my very first distro was RedHat 6.0. Its functionality was still far from Windows but I gained some interest in alternative operating systems. Soon I realized that Windows is unparalleled not only in UI, but also in customer base (of course, it is supposed to be fool-proof OS). With my 3rd PC on its way, running in Pentium 4, I got Windows™ XP soon. I guess I still can\’t use a full-pledged Linux until this very moment. Windows™ XP provided the biggest upgrade since Windows™ 98 and became my prefered OS. It is very stable compared to Windows™ 98 because it boasts new kernel derived from Windows™ NT / 2000. I still think that Windows™ is the best OS for normal day to day computer activities. I reserve Linux for specialized computing.

Windows became part of my life for at least 10 years already; Linux, only 4 years (obviously I have a lot of catching up to do with Linux) but my point here is — the ubiquitous Windows operating system managed to become the number one software I use everyday without me acknowledging it. I\’m probably not in the IT industry today without Windows (well, perhaps Linux would but the chances are very slim).

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