Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, the DVD movie sequel of the famous PS1 game, leaked in the internet instantaneously when it was released in Japan this week. Currently, top Bit Torrent sharing sites have some DVD rips of the this CG film.

Spoilers ahead!


Now, let\’s inspect some of the screenshots I made from the DVD. Here\’s a focused screenshot of Tifa\’s ring. It was confirmed to be Cloud\’s Wolf Ring. Whatever is the reason it ended up on Tifa\’s ring finger, we do not know. Cloud-Tifa fans would simply interpret this as a ring given by Cloud; however, we do not know the motives of Cloud anyway. He\’s always been a jerk when it comes to Tifa\’s affection towards him. Heh :P

Next, we see a gray lone wolf in the film… it\’s definitely a symbolism used in the film… but what is it? It would be Zack or Aeris. Most probably that would be Zack (if Aeris would appear as an animal, I guess it would be more feminine and cute feline, not a fierce and furry wolf).

Now, to spoil it even more… It seems that Aeris bid goodbye to Cloud already. See that? Zack is with her in the Lifestream already. They\’re probably happy now that are together in their afterlife. Looks sweet? Hehehe.


Below is group pic. You see here that most of them have dressed differently except Vincent, Cait Sith and Red XIII. Barret has a good set of gatling guns in his gunarm. Then, Cait Sith appeared without the stuffed mog fortune teller! I hate its voice too! Whatever happened to their ultimate weapons? They should at least use stronger weapons. For instance, Tifa is just using damn leather gloves! I think it\’s cooler if she have used at least Ergheiz agains Loz. She could have won the fight. Yuffie on the otherhand boots her new floral innerwear (she\’s a girl after all). Btw, Cid seems to be on his 20\’s only… I think he should look older for real. :P


Anyway… that\’s some of my comments regarding the characters but there are more criticisms regarding the story. That\’s out of my scope. You should find out by watching the DVD. :)

  • P4

    ei, can you give me a copy of that movie? nyahaha! and also, pls include the necessary plugins if there is any. Hindi ako demanding e no? :)

  • MV


  • jess

    to true i h8 aeris she gets in the way i loved it when she died. im a tifa and cloud fan, my friends say thats a bad thing cos im so into them my wall is coverd in cloud and tifa pics (2 or 3 are of their wedding, YES, go 4 gold tifa) it also pees me off that cloud never shows affection for tifa when she basically throws herself at him(god he must b blind)cid or vincent would die to have tifa but she wants cloud and he dont notice. And she better not die in the movie cos ill kick the tv in. And then ill cry. :( And if they get together ill love it :)

  • someone

    wow i like the pictures up there with all the final fantasy…you see…i am a very big fan of final fantasy you know… well anyways…that’s cool…were aeris and zack ever having a thing…what about cloud…didn’t he like love her or something…

  • someone

    by the way…i saw the movie like back in 2005 and it is one of my favorite final fantasy movies…

  • Bigg_StuDD

    I don’t understand, y did Zack have 2 die. He was a betta souljah den Cloud was, and he was alwayz coverin Clouds ass. Plus Y didn’t Cloud take revenge on Shinra CO. when he knew Shinra troops killed Zack! Thats wat bother meh. I guess Clouds a pussy after all. Clouds always holding back. Zack saved Clouds fuckin Blonde ass jus so he can goe 2 MIDGAR dammn it!?/. Clloud should of done something that dumb cracker ass head!!!! Cloud stoled Zacks Buster sword 2. That bastard Get ur own sword.

    Anywaise cool site cuzz, i give u props.
    if im not welcomed then fuk u.

  • Josh

    The “Wolf” seen in the movie is as you said on this page directed as symbolism; however, it does not relate to either Aeris or Zack in any way shape or form. Its directed toward Clouds search for himself. In being a “lone wolf” Cloud searches for a reason to be forgiven due to Aeris’ death. He completely disappears from everyone’s life to search for a reason to be forgiven. The wolf only appears when Cloud assumes he cannot help anyone, even himself. The end of the movie sums up his struggle within himself and his search for forgiveness with Aeris. The “Wolf” or his “loneliness” in turn disappears. Zack could never disappear, just like Aeris and unfortunately Sepherioth. They exist in Clouds memories. How could Zack (as a wolf) disappear from Cloud when he exists in his memories?

  • MV

    I was reviewing some comments and to tell you the truth, I’ve watch FF AC several times and it didn’t really makes sense to relate the wolf to either Zack or Aeris until I reviewed your comment. :P Well, that must explained it. Cloud is the lone wolf.

  • hope that cloud will love tifa more than aeris

  • tifa and cloud 4ever

  • tifa is really dat beutiful u knw…

  • i’m a big fan of tifa and cloud

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