\'Meebo\'I discovered Meebo as early as September 14 when it launched its alpha version. It is an AJAX-powered instant messenger that enables you to use your favorite IM just about anywhere. It didn\’t appeal to me so much because it\’s dangerous to save user information in their servers. For instance if their network was penetrated by a hacker, the hackers might obtain certain information about me, my chat logs and other personal stuffs. I\’m sure that many people are aware of this but they continue using Meebo anyway.

This morning, there was a commotion in our laboratory because someone had discover this great online instant messenger. I was not surprised; rather, I was amused that I didn\’t realize they are using Meebo until now. No wonder some of my classmates are online in Yahoo Messenger even if its their Cisco laborarory. Later, I used one of my old YIM account to try how it really works, and it really work like an ordinary IM. Meebo team claim that they don\’t save the user information in their server and they don\’t collect chat logs. I\’m still skeptical on what they do to username and password though. How will Meebo monetize this web application? How will they survive? Premium subscription is possible, but I\’m still cautious on sending username and password over the internet even if the site utilizes SSL. In fact Meebo uses 1024-bit RSA key encryption, which is very secure.

Meebo just works and it\’s interface mimics that of the desktop famous IMs. Everyone who had used either YM, MSN, Jabber, AIM or ICQ will be familiar to it instantly. I read from user feedbacks that there are users who experience lag on sending and receiving messages. I think this is normal if there so many concurrent users using the service at the same time. Meebo team can still improve the reliability of message transfers. They can also improve the native support of smilies for each IM protocols.

There is no added functionality in Meebo alpha yet. It\’s just a plain instance messenger but advanced features will be added soon as it matures.


  • GleNn

    Is it really secure to use meebo? I mean, you input your password and all that; is it possible that they use this to fish out some particulars about you?

  • MV

    They claim they don’t collect these personal info… but I browsed my cookies and I can’t find any cookies related to Meebo.. so I think it’s only your login sessions that is being stored in their servers. Btw 1024-bit RSA key encryption is really strong. :D

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