8GB Miniature Hard Disk

\'Hitachi This is a really cool product, codename Mikey. It is Hitachi\’s latest Microdrive model 3K8. I\’m sure there\’s a sizeable market for Mikey specially in mp3 players (like iPod), digital cameras and other portable devices. I remember doing a research project about portable storage a year ago and I covered about 1 inch reduced form factor with 1 GB storage. Now the capacity reaches up to 8 GB!

To give you an idea how big 8GB is… it is equivalent to about 4,000 songs, 2 hours DV quality MPEG-2 video, 10 hours MPEG-4 video or 8,000 digital photos. That\’s a lot in just one inch mini HD. In fact you can install a default installation of Windows XP in this 8 GB Microdrive already. With that in mind, I wonder how small PCs can be in the future. We might see very small computers using this form factor, but I doubt it will come out soon.

3k8 is very sleek. It has a rotational speed of 3600rpm and an average seek time of 12ms. It can reach 33MB/sec transfer speed utilizing CE-ATA interface, with sustained transfer rate of 10MB/sec.

Sooner or later some companies will utilize Microdrive in their portable devices, like Creative for ther MoVu2 Mp3 player. I\’m sure that it will be available in the Philippine market later.

Link: Microdrive 3K8 official site

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