College Days

The Notebook

This is not about the novel. It\’s about notebook computer.

My father bought me a laptop today. :mrgreen: It\’s an Asus L4500R mainstream notebook. It weigh about 3 kg but it feels light when carried using a back pack. This is a bargain because it has 0% interest. We couldn\’t afford it if we pay it by cash. This isn\’t the best laptop on the market but this is the best deal I could find. :smile: I\’m satisfied to own this model. The specs are decent enough. 1.5 Ghz Pentium M with 2mb L2 cache (Dothan). It also comes with ATI Mobility Radeon 9100… it\’s not really designed for graphic intensive games but I could play a couple of good games using the low-res mode (800×600) like Warcraft 3, Sims 2 and NFS Underground (just to name a few). By default it only has 256mb DDR of RAM but I cranked it up to 512mb to give some performance boost. I also asked for a bigger hard disk. Normally this model would come with 40gb but mine came with 80gb. :) I\’d prefer larger HD so I\’ll have larger capacity to put all my datas into it.

Tomorrow, I\’ll install more applications… I\’ll also upgrade to Windows XP SP2 as soon as my friend return my copy of SP2 CD. I\’m also planning to put Linux into it but I\’m having second thoughts about it since it requires too much tweaking to work. Oh well… :roll:

By Marck V.

Filipino IT consultant on enterprise software. On his spare time he do web project management, photography and blogging. Web 2.0 enthusiast.